Finished my master's thesis

Finished my master's thesis

I have finally finished writing my master's thesis at the Heterogenous Information Systems Group at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

My topic was "Cross-System NoSQL Data Transformations" in which I had to extend and restructure the NotaQL data-transformation language to run on different stores than just HBase. This meant that I had to enable ...

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Why I like using Apache Spark

Since I am currently working in the research on big data processing I obviously had to look at cluster computing frameworks.

What I found was that recently Apache Hadoop is getting more and more overshadowed by newer frameworks like Apache Spark.

While Spark still features distributed map and reduce operations - with data locality – it ...

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Hello world!

Hello you people out there!

print 'Hello world!'

This is my first blog post. I am currently studying for my master's degree at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

The topics I currently focus on - due to my ongoing master's thesis - are NoSQL, big data, map reduce and query languages.
In my free ...

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